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Introducing BlueBottle

Redefining the water drinking experience.

The BlueBottle: Welcome

Purity, at its simplest form.

BlueBottle combines cutting edge UVC disinfection technology with a zero plastic design, making the water you drink clean and pure. The powerful UVC LED light produces wavelength around 270nm to destroy the DNA of viruses, effectively killing them. The LED is placed purposefully at the bottom of the bottle, to not interfere with the water drinking experience. And with a zero-plastic design, even for the cap, BlueBottle protects your body from micro-plastic pollution.

The BlueBottle: About Us

Portable purification.

BlueBottle automatically activates its powerful UVC light every 2 hours to disinfect the water. You can also manually trigger the light via a cap action. This will come in handy after you have refilled your BlueBottle from the tap, public refill stations, or anywhere where the water is not at the highest quality.

The BlueBottle: About Us

LED Maxima. 

Unlike traditional mercury lamps, the UVC LED technology used in BlueBottle allows for instant activation of the disinfection light. And they do not create harmful ozone. LED’s exceptional longevity combined with a long lasting rechargeable lithium battery allows BlueBottle to be compact yet durable.

The BlueBottle: About Us
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Exoskeleton, raw beauty.

BlueBottle encloses your water in a specially machined stainless steel exoskeleton with a two-tone coating. The rectangular design means that BlueBottle can fit in anywhere, so you can take it everywhere you go. The dimension of the bottle is carefully designed to fit comfortably in your hand, or with other items you are carrying.

The BlueBottle: About Us

Fits in, stands out.

Being rectangular in shape allows BlueBottle to fit seamlessly into your life and the items you carry around everyday. It is comfortable to hold, and slips into your bag along with other items easily. And with a total leak proof design, there are no places where BlueBottle does not fit.

The BlueBottle: About Us

A cap like no other. 

The full stainless steel cap of BlueBottle has been given the same careful consideration as the rest of the bottle. With its unique ear design, the cap can be easily opened, even in a slippery environment.

The BlueBottle: About Us

A perfect system.

To deliver a truly revolutionary experience with water, we didn't just think about the bottle itself, but the entire system - from the bottle, to an app, to how it all connects to your health.

The BlueBottle: About Us

More than just an app. 

Tracking your water intake, and knowing when to drink more water is even more critical in today's busy world. That's why we created the My Drinks app. The simplest app to log your water and other liquid intake, while reminding you to drink water regularly, before your body becomes dehydrated.

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The BlueBottle: About Us

It all comes back to health. 

Ultimately, the aim of BlueBottle is to make you healthier. The bottle not only cleans the water as you drink, but also makes you want to drink more water. The app helps you track your water intake and stay on top of your hydration. And a complete lack of plastic in our designs means a cleaner world, and a healthier you.

The BlueBottle: About Us
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28*8*4 cm.


1 week battery life.
USB-C fast recharge.


Zero-plastic cap. 
Total leak proof.
BPA free.

In the box

USB-C to USB-A charge cable.

The BlueBottle: List


Founder - Stone Chen

The BlueBottle: Contact
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